May 13, 2021

Bode Men’s Spring 2018

As a child, Emily Bode spent her summers at her uncle’s house in the south of France. She slept in his grenier, which means attic in French, where she was surrounded by bedsheets, bath towels and antique linens.
“This collection is about my uncle’s generational relationship with the attic and what the attic means to me as a space,” Bode said. “It’s a place to take in memories of yesteryear and reflect on one’s mortality.”
Bode, who graduated from Parsons before launching her men’s wear line in 2016, re-created that sentimental space for her presentation. Models lounged around wood-frame beds while the scent of lavender lingered throughout the room.
Quilting was the focus of her previous collection, but this season she concentrated on florals and stripes. Models wore floral printed raincoats, terrycloth jackets and striped sleep pants. Shirts were made from cotton Quaker lace and French linens. Other highlights included the floral tapestry jackets — specifically the mustard style decorated with a double row of buttons.
The overall effect was inviting. Bode has a clear talent for mixing textures, colors and textiles in an intriguing way. She’s also adept at rendering fabrics typically associated with the word “antique” to appear modern and strong. We

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