January 16, 2021

Well Manicured: Luxury Nail, Nail-Care Markets Show Promise

Can the nail category make a comeback?
With a dissipating nail art craze and the shift toward gel manicures, brands from the luxury to mass sectors are vying for limited consumer wallet share in a number of ways. A vast color assortment — and one that mirrors fashion and social media trends — has become table stakes, with players turning to over-the-top packaging (hello, 8-inch Louboutin spike) and even the inclusion of superfoods in formulas to stand out. Beyond that, more companies are focusing on the booming nail-care category rather than polish.
While the financial figures are far from rosy, the nail market so far this year is at least declining at a slower rate than in 2016. Overall, the U.S. prestige nail market was down 2 percent between January and the end of May, according to The NPD Group. For 2016, the market was down 7 percent in the same time frame.
Base and top coats, as well as nail care, are showing signs of growth, however. Nail care was up 4 percent to $6 million between January and May, according to NPD, and base and top coats were up 11 percent, to $6.2 million. Color enamel is where the problems lie —

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