January 17, 2021

Andrew Rannells, Tommy Dorfman Enjoy a Casual Approach to NYFW: Men’s

July’s heat wave had Skylight Clarkson Sq baking on Wednesday afternoon, but the temperature couldn’t have been more appropriate for Parke & Ronen’s swimsuit-filled 20th anniversary show.
“This is my first time at [Parke & Ronen],” said Andrew Rannells. “I am a fan of their swimsuits and I’ve worn those swimsuits for a long time and I love their leisurewear. I expect they’re releasing a variety of things, so I’m looking forward to it. I can tell already that it’s a fun show and the vibe here is a little more relaxed.”
The two-time Tony nominee spent Tuesday at the Hugo Boss show, which was the “polar opposite” of what he was expecting to see this afternoon. “It was a lot of outerwear, very cool trenchcoats and leather jackets,” he said. “They had some really amazing, nautical looking things.” While some may have spent last night partying with Raf Simons, Rannells admitted he was actually at home binge-watching “Bloodline.” Ah, the joys of Netflix in the summer. “I have two episodes left,” he said. “I decided that last night I needed to go to bed at, like, one o’clock. I was like, ‘I could muscle through, but to what end?’”
Seated nearby was Tommy

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