November 25, 2020

Paul Ramírez Jonas Exhibits ‘Half-Truths’ at the New Museum

“I had this shoot once for Italian Men’s Vogue, and someone told me, ‘You know, that’s great, because then they dress you and then you get to keep everything,’” begins Paul Ramírez Jonas, taking off his rectangular glasses to give them a quick clean. “So they totally dressed me — shoes and everything — and then when the shoot was over, I just went back to my desk to sit with all my clothes. And then they were like uh…we need the clothes back,” he finishes with a chuckle.
The cheery artist, dressed casually in (his own) short-sleeved white button-down, black pants and Samba Classic Adidas shoes, was standing on the Fifth Floor of the New Museum, where his latest participatory exhibit and residency “Half-Truths” was buzzing with activity. Two walls of the room were wall-papered with notarized statements, the resulting works of his piece “Alternative Facts.”
Visitors to the “Alternative Facts” notary public station are prompted to write down a lie, those of which range from the straightforward and silly to the more heartbreaking — “I am an artist”; “I can cure cancer;” “I have a green card;” “My dad is not sick” — and then, handing over spare change, a facilitator

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