January 19, 2021

Viktor & Rolf Rejects Copying Claim by Intern Applicant

Fashion student Terrence Zhou believes Viktor & Rolf’s recent couture show (right) may have been inspired by designs from his portfolio (left) that were submitted as part of an internship application.

For Parsons student Terrence Zhou, the “haute couture action dolls” that Viktor & Rolf showed on the runway in Paris during the couture shows looked a little too familiar.
In a phone interview Friday, the Chinese-born student said he applied for an internship with Viktor & Rolf in late May, and provided a mini portfolio as part of the process. Zhou sent WWD the e-mail correspondence he had with Dominique van Barneveld at Viktor & Rolf. His application was eventually rejected since the company requires that interns have an EU passport, according to one of van Barneveld’s e-mails. “Even if you would have a Visum we can’t accept you. Those are the rules of the government and unfortunately we can’t change those,” he wrote. “Thank you once again for your interest in our company and good luck with finding an internship.”
Zhou said Friday, “After they rejected me, I thought that was the end until I saw their collection two days ago, which was very similar to my portfolio.”
But a U.S. spokeswoman

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