November 25, 2020

Laurie Davidson Is Not Your High School Shakespeare

Like many an actor before him, Laurie Davidson knew it was time to get serious about acting when he hit his stride with Shakespeare.
“I did a Macbeth dagger speech for an English Shakespeare speaking competition, and I won it,” the actor recalls of his school days, “and then the head of acting there was like, ‘You should be in some plays.’”
The school plays morphed into professional ones, and now the twentysomething thespian is set to take on the role of the man who kicked off his career, with his portrayal of a young William Shakespeare in TNT’s new series “Will,” out Monday.

“The difficulty with Shakespeare is that he can be quite alienating to a lot of people; it’s this old, academic subject,” Davidson says. “When I heard about the concept I was like, ‘This is not what I expected at all.’ And trying to explain to people, ‘Well, it’s Shakespeare, but set in a kind of punk rock, Elizabethan London, set to a contemporary soundtrack, and these guys are like the rock icons of their time, and are wearing like skinny jeans…but it feels Elizabethan.’”

Laurie Davidson in “Will.”

Davidson, born in South London’s Dulwich neighborhood, attended the London Academy of

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