January 26, 2021

Beauty: black liquid eyeliner | Sali Hughes

Sometimes it’s fun to bring back the chic flick

Can we talk about black liquid eyeliner? It’s been a while, chiefly because I became a bit bored with the swooshy, Marilyn-style flicks over complex-shadowed lids that are near-ubiquitous on Instagram, and decided to park them for a bit, opting instead for smudgy, smoky, soft dark brown, grey or navy pencil. But a recent rewatch of A Bout De Souffle, starring pixie-cropped, gamine Jean Seberg, reminded me of how wonderfully chic and elegant black flicks can look, and compelled me to reach for the liquid liner.

Your own weapon of choice should be determined by your dexterity and skill level. Liner pens are easier to use, but they’re much quicker to run out or dry out than an old-fashioned liquid and brush (my preference), and so can prove pricey in the long term. In general, I advise novices to start with a pen, then make the switch when comfortable with technique.

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