January 18, 2021

With Patent in Place, Dafni Poised for Growth

Sharon Rabi, the creator of the Dafni ceramic hair-straightening brush, decided imitation wasn’t flattering.
In 2012, she embarked on what would become a five-year process of obtaining a patent for her tool that straightens hair while brushing. Her Dafni brush is said to significantly reduce the time it takes to style hair. That patent was issued in March and gives the company the power to pursue those who copy the technology. By some estimates, there have been as many as 75 mimics of her brush.

Dafni Go products.

With that protection in place, Dafni is ready to grow. This month the company is rolling out Dafni Go, a portable and less expensive brush especially suited to shorter hair. Dafni Go is available online at target.com, ultabeauty.com, Amazon and Dafni’s own site and will be rolling out to select Target stores. Available in three colors — blue, purple and green — the brush retails for $99.99 (versus $149.99 for the original).
An engineer, Israel-based Rabi and her father created a prototype for the Dafni (named after her sister) brush after receiving a bad haircut. She sought a better way than the traditional tools on the market. “Women had been doing their hair the same way for

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