January 21, 2021

No One Does Paris Couture Week Like Céline Dion

“Oh Céline — Madame Céline Dion!”
Celebrity stylist Law Roach has found himself a bit of a dream client in Céline Dion, and Dion in return seems ever the happy camper. The powerhouse pop star made waves last year during couture week in Paris for her head-to-toe couture looks, as well as her exuberance seen in photos of her giving a double thumbs-up from the front row of Giambattista Valli, or waving to adoring fans from the sunroof of her car.
“She’s a fashion girl,” Roach says. “She buys couture, so it was only right for her to be at the couture shows.”
As Dion’s second Paris Couture Week comes to an end, WWD chatted with Roach about how he approached her looks for this season, and the difference a year makes.

WWD: What was your approach for dressing Céline for couture last year?
Law Roach: I was just beginning my relationship with Céline. It was our first actual week of working together, and it was very casual. It was like, “When is the last time you’ve been to a fashion show?” And she was like, “Oh, probably 20 years ago.” So I’m like, “well it’s couture week, we’re in Paris, let’s go

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