May 13, 2021

Dennis Gross Skin Care Unveils Makeup Artist Professional Program

Could skin care become a social media sensation?
Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care is betting the answer to that question is yes.
The brand is set to launch a professional program on its web site this month that will give qualified professionals a 40 percent discount on skin-care products to use on their clients. The idea is that the makeup artists themselves are influencers, and between their social media followers and the followers of celebrity clients — buzz will abound.
“These are influencers,” said Carrie Gross, chief executive officer of Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care, and the wife of New York dermatologist Dennis Gross. “They’re huge — it’s fun to be able to get our product in the hands of major celebrities through this channel. It’s exiting from a social perspective and it’s also so visual — this is going to be huge for us.”

Dennis Gross Skin Care will launch its professional page.

The brand has worked with makeup artist Renee Garnes, who has celebrity clients such as Kelly Rowland, Jourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell, as well as Florido Basalo, who counts Karlie Kloss among clients. To buy discounted products, makeup artists can go to the brand’s web site and fill out an online

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