May 12, 2021

Couture Celebrates Its Rosy Future

MAZEL TOV: Couture ended in Paris on as it had started — with glittering fracas. Minutes before the doors were due to open Wednesday night at the Petit Palais museum for the annual party marking the end of couture week, a large glass pane came crashing down, scattering glittering shards on the marble flooring.
“Don’t they break glasses at weddings?” asked designer Hugo Matha, who had been fine-tuning uniforms at the Hôtel de Crillon, undoubtedly the new hottest venue in town — perfect for a wedding or a fashion show.
And the week had indeed felt as if Paris had renewed its vows with couture, creation and a rosy future. Or a navy one, as far as Martin Grant is concerned — a high compliment coming from the Paris-based Australian designer whose favorite color it is.
“I said it before, and I confirm it: from shows to various events, including the Dior retrospective, there is an energy. There is color, not just tonight’s pink, so I am happy for Paris, its designers and the whole industry,” said Dior chief executive officer Sidney Toledano.
Hairdresser to the stars John Nollet read this upward swing as the influence brought by President Macron and a forward-leaning vision.

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