May 12, 2021

Armani Launches New Ecstasy Shine Lipstick

MILAN — “It’s almost like the most luxurious lip balm you could ever have,” said Giorgio Armani international makeup artist Linda Cantello presenting the brand’s new Ecstasy Shine range of lipsticks.
Set to hit the shelves in the fall, Ecstasy Shine was created as an everyday alternative to the “Rouge d’Armani,” “Lip Maestro” and “Lip Magnet” lipstick lines of the brand.
Coming in a creamy texture, the lipstick combines long-lasting moisture and balm features with vibrant colors and shine. “For me what’s really important is that it’s extremely shiny […] so you have the shine of a gloss, but it’s not sticky at all,” said Cantello, underscoring this element.

Giorgio Armani’s Ecstasy Shine lipstick.
Courtesy Photo

Crafted to deliver eight-hour-lasting performance, Ecstasy Shine’s innovation lies in the formula and the technology used to create the product. The formula includes a high level of skin-care ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and three types of emollient waxes, which define the shiny outlook on the lips.
Ecstasy Shine is created through a new, slow process during which the formula is filled from the top and slowly frozen. As a result, once crystallized, the pigments in the texture are finer and determine a better color compared to the usual, rapid-freezing procedures.
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