January 22, 2021

Universal Standard Launches Limited-Edition Jewelry Collection

Universal Standard, which launched in September 2015, as a direct-to-consumer apparel brand for women sizes 10 to 28, is introducing a limited-edition size-extended jewelry collection.
The collection will consist of a necklace, choker, earrings, rings and bracelet, all made to scale on a larger frame so that each piece will not only fit comfortably but also look good on a bigger body.
According to Alexandra Waldman, cofounder and chief creative officer of Universal Standard, women on the bigger side of the plus-size range — sizes 18 and up — often have difficulty accessorizing their looks due to a lack of jewelry options made to look right on a larger form. Pieces often pinch, or sit unnaturally on the body, she said. In an effort to give women better options, the company created this limited-edition collection of silver-plated jewelry, made specifically for the plus-size customer. “The designs are minimalist but full of understated drama,” she said. They are doing the manufacturing themselves.
The collection retails from $40 to $70 and will be available beginning July 11 on universalstandard.net. Specific pieces include pendulum earrings for $50, pebble necklace for $70, a tile ring for $40, pebble bracelet for $60 and a jointed choker for $60.
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