January 19, 2021

Berenik as Brand, Store and Talent-Hunter

NEW YORK — Veronika Brusa has a lot on her palette.
Brusa continues to produce art projects, design her Berenik collection, operate a Berenik store in Zurich, and on July 10, launch a 9,500-square-foot Berenik Boutique and Talenthouse at 419 Broome Street in SoHo here.
The store will be multifunctional, with the Berenik collection front and center, a photo studio and hair salon on the main floor.
Brusa plans to rent space to 50 designers. She declined to discuss the rent, but said the store would provide sales staff, storage space, use of its payment system and other support.
On Berenik.com, a message to designers reads: “We are a brand, too, and we understand the struggles of being a designer, so we truly have what you need.”
“We don’t want them to be pop-ups,” Brusa said of the designer shops. “We’re offering short-term and long-term rentals of several years. We’re doing everything so they don’t end up looking like pop-ups.”
The lower level will be devoted to a Berenik outlet, where she’ll close the loop on past-seasons’ merchandise.
Brusa said Berenik came together quickly. “I had the idea last fall and signed the lease seven months ago,” she said, as workers painted and used machine lifts to

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