January 24, 2021

Why Old Navy’s Americana Line & Fourth of July Sale Have Caused a Frenzy for 23 Years

For the Fourth of July this year, Old Navy will be holding a 60-percent off sale and you’re going to want to get your hands on some of their legendary American flag shirts and star-spangled socks, footwear and more.
You thought it couldn’t get better than the $1 flip flop sale, but Old Navy’s beloved Independence Day sale and annual Americana line will make you feel nostalgic with their iconic flag T-shirts as well as red, white and blue flip-flops. The San Fransisco-based retailer came out with their Fourth of July T-shirts the same year it was founded, 23 years ago in 1994.

“We’ve always been a brand grounded in Americana and the democracy of fashion,” Chris Jordan, senior director of graphic design at Old Navy told Fashionista. “The flag tee was an ideal celebration of our new place in the American retail market.”
The shirts are available for $4.50 in adult sizes on the retailer’s website.
Jordan shared that the brand was initially surprised by the success of the T-shirts when it first launched and later spawned loyal shoppers year after year, along with companion pieces in a full Americana collection that’s produced annually. The design team spends nearly a year developing a new

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