May 12, 2021

Iris van Herpen Celebrates Milestone With Swarovski and Björk

SPARKLING CELEBRATION: “Yo yo yo!” Daphne Guinness exclaimed as she fell into the arms of Dutch avant-garde designer Iris van Herpen at the cocktail presentation of van Herpen’s crystal designs for Swarovski. The friends were wearing matching Noritaka Tatehana heel-less shoes, but that’s where the outfit-matching stopped. The designer wore a pale green kimono she found in Kyoto; Guinness wore hers with a light gray morning jacket and sparkly trousers.
“I always am crystallized,” Guinness said. “Anything shiny makes me happy, as simple as that.” The couture collector had swapped the Irishness of the studio where she was recording her second album, to be called “It’s a Riot” and to drop in the spring, to immerse herself in the “Iris-ness” of the day.
“One can’t compare designers but the closest person to Iris is Alexander McQueen, the sense of theater — it’s not a fashion show, it’s a world you enter into, a completely transformative experience,” she said. “You come out of there not feeling the same about anything again, really. It’s such an ethereal…closer to what we should be wearing in the 21th century. Really forward-thinking. Beyond.”
As a model made a polka-dot kaftan move under the light in the closed interior

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