May 13, 2021

The Power Of Caffeine In Men’s Skincare And Three Products Which Utilise It

Caffeine infused grooming products are well known for energizing your skin care routine, as well as helping awaken your skin after a heavy night out on the town or burning the midnight oil. Caffeine itself is a central nervous stimulant and when consumed in safe dosages can offer a whole host of health benefits, including reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes. Whilst most guys use caffeine to drag their lazy asses out of bed in the morning, more and more modern day men are quickly coming to realise that it brings so much more than that to the party. Besides giving your mornings a thrust in the right direction, implement caffeine into your skin care routine and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Think of caffeine infused men’s grooming products like cups of coffee for your skin, waking up your entire complexion with increased blood flow to it and fighting even the most formidable fatigue in the process. There’s little surprise that men’s skin care brands are enlisting the help of this power ingredient in their face products, in order to give your skin a timely pick-me-up, before that big meeting, lunch date or presentation.

We’ll run through some of our favourite men’s products later, but first, let’s see exactly what caffeine brings to the table in terms of skin care, aside from recharging your complexion.

Caffeine fights free radicals, fact! Three of the most common signs of ageing are the onset of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as the loss of elasticity within the skin, which is accelerated by the presence of these little blighters within the skin. Caffeine also boasts superior anti-inflammatory benefits and anti-redness properties, which combine to not only make skin look more youthful but even in tone as well. With these anti-inflammatory benefits, comes the ability to diminish the appearance of dark circles and puffiness in the eye area. Caffeine also targets the accumulation of blood under the eyes, which has been proven to increase the appearance of bags.

Facial flushing and redness can also learn to take a hike with regular use of caffeine in your grooming regiment. by constricting blood vessels to reduce redness, this powerful antioxidant calms and protects the most irritated of skin and has also been proven to heal UV damaged skin faster. When applied topically, caffeine infused products improve the appearance of fine lines and can smooth out puffy and inflamed skin, leading to the firmer and tighter appearance of it and helping create a champion complexion to boot.

Whilst in a perfect world we’d all get eight hours of sleep each night, it’s not quite reality and the eyes are one of the fastest areas of your skin to buckle. Jack Black’s Protein Booster Eye Rescue brings caffeine into play and proves that it can help you in more ways than one, fighting bulging bags and disastrous dark circles effortlessly.

For gentlemen dead set on avoiding the effects of time like dulness and fatigue, MMUK MAN’s Morning After Recovery Gel brings your complexion right back up to scratch with a dose of energizing caffeine and black pepper. This men’s face gel feels incredible upon application and promises to do more than just awaken your senses.

It’s not just the skin that can benefit from Caffeine. If you’re a guy who sports a full time facial forest, then Men Rock’s Sicilian Lime and Caffeine Awakening Beard Soap enriches hair fibres to promote stronger and well-nourished facial hair, allowing gentlemen to put their best beard forward on the regular.

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