May 11, 2021

Do You Want To Reinvent Your Style? Then Just Get BUSY!



I’m going to make this snappy. You shouldn’t be reading this, you should be working/cooking/sleeping/cleaning but you are completely distracted right now, probably trying to hide away from your reality in a little pocket of social media land.

So hello! My name is Loulou and while you are hiding let’s use the time to learn how to start dressing in a completely new way and stop feeling so disconnected from your style and yourself. I’ve created an easy to remember but impactful guide that will completely transform how you style and see yourself.

Four easy steps, four productive ways to be BUSY. With the BUSY technique you can start to change how you see your wardrobe but most importantly shift how you feel about yourself.

Stop procrastinating and let’s get BUSY…

Be Mindful. The key reason you don’t know what your style is, is that you have lost a connection with how you want to feel in your clothes. You put on the same clothes day in, day out. Start a clothing journal. Take a snap, open your notes on your phone and write down 3-5 words of how you looked & felt in your clothing.

Use Feeling to lead the way. The next step is to stop dressing for what you are currently feeling and start dressing for the feeling you want to feel. If you want to feel more focused, wear clothing that is structured and directional (just don’t knock anyone out with those shoulder pads!) if you want to feel more joyful, then a whimsical print is for you. Use clothing to fill the void.

Shop with intention. Reduce the overwhelm by only shopping for items on your shopping list. If you don’t have a clothing shopping list make one, become aware of what you are missing from your wardrobe. Make sure you have a clear idea before you hit the store about what it is you are looking for. If you don’t know what you are after then just shop for inspiration with no pressure to purchase.

You are the answer. It can be very easy to say ‘stop seeking perfection and see your beauty’, but if you don’t feel it, it’s a habit that must be trained not switched on. With that in mind. Whilst brushing your teeth each morning find one thing you like about yourself and get practising with that change in mindset!

Remember if you want to start feeling differently about yourself you have to start doing something differently. With these small shifts, which cover ever part of the dressing and outfitting process you’ll see some big changes. The secret to great style, which is rarely talked about, is the importance of getting the thinking right as well as the outfitting. Combine the two and you will see a transformation. Start with B and introduce one step into dressing each week

So get BUSY and see how a more aware and proactive approach to dressing can make a change in your life by feeling great in your clothes everyday!

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