December 1, 2020

Air’s Champagne Parlor Popping Bottles on MacDougal

“Champagne, to me, has gotten a kind of bad rap, in some ways,” begins Ariel Arce, perched on the plush purple banquette inside the cozy space of 127 MacDougal Street. “Because we only think of it as celebratory, we only think of it as something that’s expensive, and something that our parents open for us for the holidays.”
The new restaurateur is hoping to change that perception, making Champagne accessible for everyday libations with the opening of Air’s Champagne Parlor in Greenwich Village.
“It’s just such a sophisticated, thoughtful region of winemakers,” says Arce of her affinity for the French wine region. The 29-year-old is wearing a bomber jacket with “Champagne” embroidered on the back, as well as a white miniskirt and sneakers with lips embroidered on them, which is the Parlor’s logo, a decidedly feminine detail. “I also feel that Champagne is such a sensory product. It’s a wine that is very much affected by the environment, by the music, by the aromatic focuses of the wine. So we really wanted to create a place where you’d be able to kind of indulge in that.”
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The interior was designed by Arce, who found pieces and textures

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