October 24, 2020

From Elvis to Balenciaga: five ways to wear a Hawaiian shirt

Hawaiian shirts are rarely in fashion. But following appearances on the catwalk (Balenciaga) and the high street (Gap), they’ve become this summer’s sleeper menswear trend

The Hawaiian shirt … is it the leopard print of menswear? They’re both loud, a sartorial symbol of being fun. This is not the shirt to wear if you fall on the INFP side of the Myers-Briggs test. But perhaps men are having an extroverted moment. The Hawaiian shirt was the top-line story from the latest round of men’s shows, particularly Balenciaga; they were also a favourite of the fashion crowd sitting in the frow; and they’re on the high street right now – Gap’s version has been added to the most shopping carts on online fashion marketplace Lyst.

Still unsure? Channel a Hawaiian shirt wearer. Here are five to help find your fun-guy moment in 2017.

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