May 13, 2021

Bulgari’s Venice Festa

VENICE — “Venice is larger than life.”
From this premise, Bulgari’s chief executive officer Jean-Christophe Babin highlighted the aesthetic value of the Italian city to present the brand’s latest high jewelry collection on Thursday. Called “Festa,” the collection is a celebration of the Italian lifestyle, paying homage to the joyful mood of the country’s festivals and outdoors events such as the Carnival or the Palio, the storied horse race in Tuscany’s Siena.
“Historically, Bulgari’s collections are very colorful and joyful, more extrovert compared to other, more serious-minded jewelry brands,” Babin said. “With this collection, this joy is contagious, there is a playful, infantile dimension, as well as the celebration of the agricultural world, from the ice cream-shaped brooches to the olive twig or chili pepper designs.”
Babin pointed to “strong and spontaneous emotions” created by these suggestions, which lead to “a richer and more intense, magic experience. The collection is born from the essence of our daily life.”
Lucia Silvestri, jewelry creation and gem buying director at Bulgari, said the “combination of Roman discipline, rigor and architecture and these joyful elements created excitement and tension.”
Asked about Bulgari’s main markets, Babin said Europe and Italy are historically strong, as well as Japan. Referring to the high jewelry category,

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