January 17, 2021

Five Tips to Tackle Swimwear Body Hang Ups


It’s that time of year once again – holiday time! A time that brings both joy and dread for many of us out there because with holidays come skimpier outfits and days spent lounging around in swimwear which means a lot more of our body – and our body hang ups – are on full display.

(Insert feeling of dread, anxiety, fear and horror here.)

Whilst there is no magic cure to making those anxieties go away I feel I have a few tips that can help you. Take it from someone who would rather puke in her hands and clap than be seen out and about in swimwear. The mum who doesn’t take her daughter swimming and leaves it up to her hubby as their ‘special thing to do together’ which of course it is, but only because I have a huge fear of being so underdressed in public.


By everything I mean skin and body. Take the steps in the lead up to your holiday (preferably a good few weeks before) to get your body ready for being exposed. Scrub it, moisturise it, shave it, pluck it, wax it, fake tan – do all of the things that not only mean you’re ready to get into swimwear but will actually boost your confidence. It isn’t rocket science that if you take time to pamper yourself it will make you feel better about yourself plus your skin will look amazing.


I am a massive advocate of wear whatever the hell you want no matter what, but if you suffer from lack of self esteem in swimwear then what you need to focus on is swimwear that suits you and your body shape. There is so much choice out there nowadays, whether it is a two piece, all in one piece or even something in between. Whatever your shape and size you will find something that flatters your figure and fits you properly and it will make you feel great.


As hard as it is, you mustn’t compare yourself to other people whether it is those we are going on holiday with, strangers we see on the beach or those we see online. Firstly, online images are posed and fake. No one is going to upload a bikini pic of themselves that is less than perfect are they? Everyone is different and no matter how much you try you won’t look the same as your friend does in swimwear, it doesn’t mean you don’t look good in your own right. Own it. Appreciate yourself, your own style and how YOU look. Bet you anything your friend is looking at you same way you’re looking at her.


The solution to most of life’s issues I feel. Especially if you suffer from low confidence / anxiety. Have you ever noticed how amazing people look in all forms of life when they just don’t give a shit? They instantly attract fun, positive people and no matter what their shape, size or what they’re wearing or doing they look amazing because they appear cool and completely in control. Confidence really is the best thing you could wear. Even if you don’t feel confident, work it like you do. No one else has to know you are worried about your thighs or tummy. No one has to know you are worried about anything! Strut onto that beach with your head held high and not only will anyone who notices you think how cool you look, you will begin to feel that way too. The body hears everything the mind tells it! Be positive!


If all else fails, remember that this is a holiday far from home and that you will never see any of these people again so actually who cares who sees you in your swimwear? This is not only a chance to relax and break away from your normal life at home it is a chance to break away from all of the familiar faces you see too.

Most importantly enjoy your holiday. No one is looking at you, they are too busy enjoying themselves which you should be too.

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