January 27, 2021

Tom Parker Bowles Releases Fortnum & Mason Cookbook in the U.S.

British cookbook author and food critic Tom Parker Bowles is acutely aware of his country’s historically lackluster interpretation of cuisine.
“There’s an idea about British food that it’s all drab and dreary and greasy and bland and really just s–t,” explained the gregarious son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. “But British food is about very good seasoned ingredients done well.”
On Monday night, Bowles and Fortnum & Mason chief executive officer Ewan Venters hosted an intimate al fresco dinner at The Redbury hotel in New York to celebrate the U.S. launch of his latest culinary guide, “Fortnum & Mason The Cook Book.” The hardcover tome draws inspiration from the venerable British grocer with updated recipes for iconic dishes like Scotch eggs and Shepherd’s Pie alongside vibrant graphic illustrations from the company’s early 20th-century catalogues.
“Fortnums is a brand that’s built an empire in feeding the upper class and the ruling class for many, many years — everyone from Churchill to Queen Victoria, but you can’t just sit fossilized in amber, ” opined Bowles while sipping a glass of red wine.
Although adroit in the kitchen and certainly no stranger to the aristocratic set, Bowles joked that he would be “idiotic” to cook for his mother

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