May 13, 2021

Protests in France against the fashion for thinness – archive, 1924

27 June 1924: Paris dressmakers suffer a backlash for insisting women should slim down so that they can wear the tubular fashions of the day

Protests are growing more frequent in Paris against the fashion of thinness imposed largely by the dressmakers, but also by the more recent activities of a sporting generation.
While the latter is a more or less natural slimness, the dressmakers insist that all and sundry should adapt their forms to the tubular fashions of the day, even when these forms have far more in common with a sphere.

Elderly women in particular, it is alleged, have done themselves much harm by drastic dieting and too much exercise. It is not given to everyone, for instance, to roll the length of the dining-room twelve times every morning before breakfast without feeling shattered after the event.

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