January 22, 2021

Osman Resort 2018

Osman Yousefzada dreamed of starry nights and luminous skies for this sophisticated range, and continued to update his Perfect 5 collection of basics.
Yousefzada’s collection offered a constellation of feminine and architectural shapes. Celestial formations translated into bugle bead and crystal embellishments on blouses, dresses and outerwear on his signature sculpted silhouettes.
A short black cape was made from Venetian wool with a gilded starburst embroidery. He paired it with black, ankle-length trousers and a white button-down blouse. Shimmery astral adornments also appeared on the back of a short trenchcoat and on poplin shirts.
The designer added a smattering of beaded elements to a belted dress and trousers to illustrate a starry night, and the motif carried over to a long black satin gown with a gleaming Byzantine-like pattern. The same embellishments were employed on a black velvet blouse with a mesh yoke.
He introduced denim last year, and updated the wide-leg cropped style with gold zipper accents down the front of legs. They were worn with a pink tailored jacket and a white blouse with a pussycat bow.
Yousefzada added a cropped hoodie-style jacket to his Perfect 5 range and updated his best-selling tracksuit-inspired Felix pants with a soft gray jersey fabric. A gray

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