January 26, 2021

All in the Family: Minnie’s Opens on the Lower East Side

So you’re a recent college graduate, itchy to move on from your first job, and the next logical step is opening your own restaurant in Manhattan — we’ve all been there, right?
For 24-year-old Millie Stallings, that dream becomes a reality today with the opening of Minnie’s, her foray into the food world.
Stallings isn’t exactly launching into this completely independently; her father is the owner of the Lower East Side building, as well as the owner of the Hotel on Rivington.
“I did everything — but my mom helped me a lot,” Stallings says, from one of the window-lining benches inside the corner restaurant. “Everything in my house is this shade of gray or blue, and [the design of Minnie’s] is all based off of that. We didn’t have a designer or architect or anything.”
Stallings, who is one of six, grew up in various New York neighborhoods — with brief periods in the countryside and in Rome — before attending George Washington University in DC. “My dad has always had different restaurants; in high school, I would always hostess, and that place is the unlucky restaurant because it always changes. I was always a huge part of the tasting process, and

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