January 18, 2021

Junee Brands to Debut Volaire, With Kristin Davis as Global Ambassador

Junee Brands is readying to launch its first hair-care line.
Backed by Guthy Renker Ventures, brand incubator Junee is set to launch Volaire, a line of four hair volumizing products with patented technology. GR Ventures is the holding company that owns Guthy Renker, according to Rick Odum, chief executive officer of Guthy Renker. GR Ventures also backs another incubator and is broadly focused on bringing products to market quickly, according to Odum. “Guthy Renker develops brands internally, but also has other companies that are developing future beauty brands with the expectation that ultimately we would go to market at scale down the road,” Odum said.
Volaire is slated for a late summer QVC launch, will sell on Amazon and is in talks with potential specialty retail partners, according to Carey Grange, who cofounded Junee with Tony Smith-Hastie in 2015. (Junee also owns Specific Beauty, a pigmentation-focused skin-care line, and Dr. Denese Skin Science, an antiaging skin-care brand.) Volaire will also sell on its own web site.
“Our objective is to be where our target customer is most likely to learn about us, make a purchase decision about us and then purchase us,” Grange said. “Strategically, we want to come up with exclusivity for every channel

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