January 21, 2021

Is the $185 Prada ‘paperclip’ fashion’s latest mundane must-have?

From the Supreme Brick to the Christopher Kane’s cable ties, fashion has long found beauty, humour – and profit – in putting an expensive spin on everyday objects

Good design, it is said, should render an object invisible. Until you whack a designer logo on it, at which point it becomes the opposite: a talking point, a must-have, and (in this instance) the only Prada item that you could conceivably afford.

That, we’ll hazard, is the thinking behind its oversized silver paperclip, a snip at $185 (£145), and the latest in a litany of designer accessories inspired by the mundane and the everyday. In fairness, it’s a money clip with a logo, but everyone knows money clips are for rich people (people who deal exclusively in notes) so the irony is still there.

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