January 19, 2021

Hermès Men’s Spring 2018

Streetwear has steamrolled through the men’s luxury landscape in recent seasons, as epitomized by the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme. When the purveyor of the world’s most expensive handbags hops on board, you know there’s no turning back.
Watching the Hermès men’s show on Saturday night felt like a watershed moment: Here was the ultimate bastion of French elegance showing shiny track pants, oversized hoodies and parkas in technical fabrics.
Véronique Nichanian, who has designed the label’s men’s wear since 1988, periodically swings between old-school luxury and a more youthful take on house codes. This season proved that even she is not immune to the siren call of the street.
Mixed in among the lambskin and cashmere was a patented fabric called Toilbright, which had the glossy sheen of a foil candy wrapper. It came in colors ranging from red to apple green, cinnamon, royal blue and black.
Nichanian used it on statement items like baggy black track pants, or a burgundy-and-turquoise parka. She layered hooded and zippered tops under suit jackets, in what is emerging as a key trend for spring.
White top-stitching was used as a graphic element on items including baggy blue work wear-inspired pants and a hooded shirt in denim-colored

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