May 13, 2021

Bill Maher On GOP Health Care Bill: ‘Behold, A Turd!’


Bill Maher was an equal opportunity political offender during Friday night’s monologue on “Real Time.” Between the Republicans’ secret health care bill and the “losing” Democrats, no one was safe from his savage burns.

Maher dug right in to “lame” Democrats first in an attempt to understand how Jon Ossoff lost the special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District even after the party poured so much money into his campaign.

“He came so close,” Maher quipped. “Party leaders are calling it a terrifying brush with success.”

The comedian begged Democrats to stop losing elections because “the wrong people are in power.” Then, he turned his attention to the so-called “wrong people” by tearing apart the release of the Senate Republican’s secretive health care bill.

“Everybody is saying it was unveiled — unveiled is not the right term,” Maher said. “You unveil a sculpture. Nobody goes, ‘Behold, a turd!’”

The comedian highlighted the darkest items on the bill, which he called “a manifesto from the Zodiac Killer.”

It makes deep cuts to Medicaid, it allows states to drop protections established by Obamacare for people with pre-existing conditions and, Maher explained, “just for spite, it defunds Planned Parenthood.”

“No more gynecological exams,” he added. “Although Trump says he’s still available to grab pussies.”

Maher ended his rant on the health care bill with a grim warning: “Do not kid yourself. This will pass. Republicans get shit done.”

Find out the GOP’s strategy for pushing their bill along in the full segment above.

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