May 12, 2021

Wellness and Beauty Click for Sales of HFactor and Glow Recipe at The Wellery

In the month since Saks Fifth Avenue opened The Wellery on the second floor of its flagship, the intersection of beauty and wellness has come to life.
Popular consumer stops among the 20-plus shops occupying the 1,600-square-foot area are those selling beauty, including one that’s not traditionally considered a cosmetic – at least until now.
Although HFactor, a hydrogen-infused water, is the official water of The Wellery, the brand’s founder and chief executive officer Gail Levy said people are drinking it up for the beauty benefits, too. She sees great synergy with the workout classes offered at The Wellery, with many participants stopping in to try the water. That exposure is boosting sales for those who come back once they see beauty benefits.
“From a beauty standpoint, we’ve had people coming in and saying the puffiness around their eyes is dissipating or that their skin has a visibly healthy glow,” she said. Shortly after making that statement, a shopper came up and hugged her while praising what the water has done for her.
Levy said HFactor took the opportunity of its prime spot in The Wellery to introduce its “next-generation” packaging. The new look has a twist-off spout replacing the former “rip and sip”

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