May 12, 2021

Ruth Negga, on the Road Again

Season 2 of AMC’s absurdist series “Preacher” opens with a classic summer trope: a road trip. And Ruth Negga is in the front seat.
The Ethiopian-Irish actress — who experienced a breakout year since the show premiered last spring, best actress Oscar nomination and all — has returned to her tough-girl Tulip O’Hare role, one of the show’s leads.
“She’s hoping to be back on the road now — the dusty highway full of adventure, up to no good,” Negga explains of her character’s entry into the new season, which premieres June 25. “I think that there is something inside her that realizes that it might not work out as planned.” The show, which is based on the DC comic book series, is centered on small town Texas preacher Jesse Custer, and his quest to find God with Tulip, his longtime friend and love interest, and an Irish vampire named Cassidy. Naturally, it’s no easy task.
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The actress does have an easy rapport with her two main costars, Dominic Cooper and Joe Gilgun. “We like each other. That helps,” she says of the trio’s dynamic. “We’re very supportive of one another. We are the main

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