May 13, 2021

Bridget Foley’s Diary: Yoo-hoo! Security!

What regular fashion showgoer hasn’t had a moment of “what if?” As in, what if there were a security breach, a terror attack? Wouldn’t a fashion show and its chicly turned out denizens make for compelling targets? Sometimes upward of 1,000 people herded, often through a single entrance and exit. (How about all those venues that only open one half of a double door?) Typically, we see some show of security. In Paris in particular, especially at major tourist venues such as the Grand Palais, we walk through metal detectors and our bags are scanned; more often, at more quotidian locations, there’s little more than a cursory manual bag check.
The prolonged anti-fur demonstration that disrupted Wednesday night’s conversation between Michael Kors and Alina Cho at the Metropolitan Museum of Art should be a wake-up call to all, to reexamine security procedures for events big and small across all kinds of disciplines. It should be of grave concern — not to mention an embarrassment — to The Met, one of the most renowned, revered and high-profile institutions on Earth, which last year greeted a record 6.7 million visitors. One would expect security at all of its events to be a well-thought

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