January 19, 2021

Meet Angel and Dren, the Twin DJs Serving Beats to the Fashion Crowd

“DJing is reading a room and knowing how to juggle people and what they want and what you want,” says Angel Coleman, one half of twin DJ duo Angel and Dren. Intuition is key — or perhaps in their case, it’s twin telepathy.
Born in the Bronx to Jamaican immigrants, Angel and Dren, 26, grew up surrounded by music. “You couldn’t block it out if you tried,” says Angel. Dren says her sister spontaneously proposed DJing after spending some time “messing around” with a friend’s equipment.
“She was like, ‘I know we’ve never done music professionally, but I played around for an hour and I loved this and we have to pursue this,” she says. “The next week we got equipment.”

Angel and Dren
Seher Sikandar

What was once a hobby turned into a livelihood and this year, the sisters found themselves spinning at major music festivals like Governors Ball and Coachella, where they played at Jeremy Scott’s Candy Crush-themed bash. Music has been their “in” to the fashion world. Whether they’re holding court at Saks Fifth Avenue or twinning at the Polo Classic, the ladies are setting themselves up to be fashion’s next favorite sister duo. A partnership with Nike also helps, of course.
“We started working with

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