January 22, 2021

I wore a RompHim for a day. I probably wouldn’t do that outside Sydney | Seamus Jabour

My one-piece romper was not a hit at a birthday dinner party. Several people pleaded with me to take it off immediately

The Guardian had a meeting to discuss important things in the world (I imagine). The powers-that-be wanted a man to walk around for the day in a RompHim – a one-piece shorts and T-shirt ensemble for men – and write about it. They found themselves hitting a brick wall. “No one in their right mind would do that,” remarked a male journo in their right mind. Step forward my sister, Bridie Jabour: “I’ve got just the guy.” And that is why I’m writing this. I’m Séamus Jabour and I wore a RompHim for a day.

The RompHim was an idea conceived by some business students in the United States. As the legend goes, the boyz were sitting around blowin’ the froth off a couple when the conversation turned to men’s fashion.

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