October 29, 2020

Kenbod: Barbie’s boyfriend gets a new look – and a new body – for 2017

With ‘broad’ and ‘skinny’ body shapes, manbuns and a range of different ethnicities, new line of Ken dolls has launched, aiming to better reflect “the modern world”

With his perma-tan, perfect teeth and sculpted body, Ken dolls always seemed a world away from real men. But now, in his biggest aesthetic update since 1961, he finally looks like one of us – sort of – as a new Ken is launched with three body shapes and eight new skin tones. Meet 2017’s Ken, in his most diverse incarnation yet.

Issues around body inclusivity are something Ken might have discussed on date nights with his on/off girlfriend Barbie, who knows this terrain only too well. In 2015, when a new range of Barbies launched, revising the shape and ethnicity of their most popular doll into more inclusive terrain, the change earned her a Time magazine cover. Out went the tiny waist, enormous chest and even, in some cases, the bottle-blonde hair. Now, it’s Ken’s turn.

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