January 27, 2021

Hat’s that: did the Queen’s headgear allude to Brexit?

In a pared-down ceremony – though her crown got its own car – the Queen seemed to wave goodbye to the EU via her outfit

Is today the Queen’s Damascene moment? We only ask because today, as she opened parliament and laid out the government’s intention to deliver the eight bills necessary for Brexit, the Queen – long thought to be a Brexiteer – wore a hat that bore a strong resemblance to the European Union flag.

The hat itself was glorious. A shade of papal purple, with yellow flowers, she wore it with a matching day-coat and dress in a print not a world away from Balenciaga’s spring/summer 2017 inkjet floral print dress. Jolly, informal, was it a deeply coded outfit, or simply Instagram-friendly? Was she throwing shade at the Brexit negotiations or referencing Van Gogh’s Starry Night? Is this royal purple or Lanvin lilac? And so on. Given the Queen’s compulsory nonpartisan role in the Brexit negotiations, the hat remains riddled with ambiguity.

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