May 13, 2021

First Canada, Then the World: Reflections on Art and Life

Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2
From Willowdale, Toronto; Left at age 16

“There is always a nod to Canada in every collection whether it’s the maple leaf, flag, colors in the designs or even the signature styles of Canadian DNA like denim, worker boots or heavy outerwear for the cold winters. Home will always be inspiration for us.”
Mark Fast
From Winnipeg, Manitoba; Left at age 22

“The beauty and peace of Canada’s nature inspires me. The majority of ideas I get for my collections come from a walk in the Lake of the Woods or the mountains of Vancouver.”
Nick Graham
From Calgary, Alberta; Left at age 19

“Canadians say they are sorry a lot. If you go online and Google Canadians saying ‘sorry,’ it’s like a big joke. For some reason, we’re always apologizing for things we never did. I have no idea what that has to do with my designs, but sorry.”
Tanya Taylor
From Etobicoke, Toronto; Left at age 21

“You’ll notice if someone’s Canadian ’cause whenever they go back home they Instagram Story ketchup chips. It’s like a first rite of passage thing you do.”
Kate Ross LeBlanc, cofounder and chief executive officer of Saje Wellness
From Mount Forest, Ontario; Now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia

“I’m really

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