January 21, 2021

Artist WhisBe Brings His Vandal Gummy Series to New York’s 4 World Trade Center Building

Workers en route to Time Inc., Condé Nast and other downtown corporate anchors now have a new pit stop: the seven-foot red “Vandal Gummy” sculpture in the lobby of 4 World Trade Center.
The street artist WhisBe, whose moniker is short for “What is Beautiful,” created the candylike art, which holds a Department of Corrections placard in its gelatin paws. He actually first started working at 4 WTC after Silverstein Properties’ chief marketing officer Dara McQuillan dropped by the nearby Wall Street Gallery to see if any artists would be game to work on murals on the then-vacant 69th floor. WhisBe was all in after his friend Sean Sullivan, better known as Layer Cake, told him about the project. Incoming tenant Spotify, which has leased floors 62 through 72, liked the art so much that they plan to keep it once they move in.
Although there were never plans to compensate the artists since the 69th floor was meant to be used a showcase for potential tenants and an event space, WhisBe and Layer Cake have since negotiated using another vacant floor as a studio — the 34,000-square-foot 59th floor with 360-degree views of the city. “I’m from New York so when

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