January 23, 2021

Cartier Sets Rooftop Oasis for ‘Cactus’ Range

Cartier in September unveiled its renovated Fifth Avenue mansion with selling space expanded to four floors from one-and-a-half, overall space more than doubled to 40,000 square feet and noble materials from marble to oak paneling restored to their former splendor.
But to introduce its expanded Cactus de Cartier collection, the jeweler tossed aside the formality and elegance of the mansion for the building’s rooftop, where the first installation since the store’s reopening features an outdoor lounge, indigenous plants and jewelry displays that will be open to the public through June 29.
While flowers have long been a key theme for Cartier, the cactus range is one of the house’s more unique and unexpected collection. Cactus de Cartier redefines the traditional floral genre with sculptural, yet free-spirited pieces. Pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets feature rounded blooms often covered with spikes and decorated with diamonds and gems.
Mercedes Abramo, president and chief executive officer of Cartier North America called them “unique, easy-to-wear pieces for audacious women everywhere.”
The rooftop’s desert-inspired decor offers an oasis above the bustling city below.
An open-air lounge area features seating beneath wooden slat awnings. Wooden café seats and small tables are scattered across the 2,450-square-foot expanse along with hanging egg chairs. Southwestern pillows,

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