January 26, 2021

At Work: The Martinez Brothers Wear Each Other’s Shoes

For Chris Martinez, 25, and his brother Steve Jr., 28, the siblings from the Bronx who have been DJing since they were teenagers, there’s not a huge distinction between what they wear on and off the clock.
And similar to most men their age — who are more inclined to wear a designer tracksuit than a tailored one — the brothers’ primary concern is comfort. But that doesn’t mean Steve and Chris, who were recently signed by IMG, don’t care about fashion. They’ve worked with brands including New Era and Fendi and have started their own line called Morph 7. And after meeting Riccardo Tisci in Ibiza, the brothers were conscripted to soundtrack shows when he was the designer was the creative director of Givenchy.
Currently on tour, the Martinez brothers are to play a set at Paradise in Ibiza on Wednesday, June 21. Here, they tell WWD where they shop while touring and what they like to wear.
WWD: What do you like to wear when you DJ?
Steve Martinez: We like to be comfortable. We wear sneakers and baggy sweats with T-shirts.
Chris Martinez: My brother has been going the boot route lately. But most of the time it’s baggy sweats, dope Jordans and

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