January 24, 2021

Ryan Roche Resort 2018

A recent trip with family to New Mexico served as the jumping-off point for Ryan Roche’s first resort collection. “Everything is so minimal, you notice each form, it’s so poetic,” she said at a walk-through. “When you see in New Mexico one tree in the middle of nothing, you realize there’s so much romance.”
The color palette certainly referenced the natural landscape — the red of natural clay, deep green from the pine trees, and lavender gray of the night sky. Having grown up in the West, she was feeling a bit nostalgic as well, thinking about her grandma’s crochet that she modernized as patchwork knits all made by hand in Nepal.
The heart and soul of Roche’s collection lie within comfortable, effortless knitwear, where she challenges different yarns to also be luxurious. Cozy cashmere seemed appropriate for the holiday delivery to stores, and fuzzy, rug-like embellishments provided some textural play and visual interest. Minimalist silhouettes like ribbed knit dresses with the slightest of lace accents reflected romance with easy drapes and tonal head-to-toe colors. She introduced a new viscose knit with ribbed details that took on the idea of tailored knitwear, seen on lavender gray dresses with loose structure or capped

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