September 30, 2020

Ohana & Co. Hosts Party for Same Sky Program

Karine Ohana and her brother Ariel hosted a cocktail party Thursday night in their Paris headquarters in honor of the Same Sky Program, an initiative founded by Francine LeFrak that helps genocide survivors in Rwanda and ex-offenders in New Jersey.
The American philanthropist, who is also an award-winning theater and television producer, started the initiative in 2008. Since then, it has helped genocide survivors, victims of rape and HIV carriers improve their lives by learning a trade, business skills and becoming self-sufficient.
Same Sky bracelets, for instance, are handmade in Rwanda with blown glass beads.
“For me, when I wear the jewelry, I feel connected to the women. I feel their energy, and I feel their hopes, dreams and wishes,” said LeFrak. “I believe we can demand that from everything we buy. Why can’t we know who made it? Why do we need to be under the same sky and not know who, what and how? Why can’t we tell everyone’s story and be part of this bigger picture?”
She said her work with Same Sky has been transformative. “You need to find things that disrupt you in life. You can’t just keep on one track,” said LeFrak.
Also at the event were executives including

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