January 26, 2021

M/G Tasaki Designer Launches New Line at Le Bon Marché

SLICE ‘EM UP: Heritage Japanese jeweler Tasaki is training the spotlight on its collaboration with Melanie Georgacopoulos by turning over its stand at the Paris department store Le Bon Marché to the M/G Tasaki line until the end of July.
The London-based Franco-Greek designer visited the store on Thursday to introduce her new Unconventional collection to customers at a cocktail event.
Launched in 2012, M/G Tasaki challenges conventional codes with avant-garde designs like the Sliced necklace or the Segment ring, featuring pearls cut to reveal their inner layers – one of her signature techniques.
“Each pearl is different on the inside,” Georgacopoulos told WWD. “It shows that even cultured pearls are organic structures, and you can’t always control what happens inside, so you get little surprises.”
Among her new designs are the Knot series, in which the pearls appear to be pierced by a gold thread, in a nod to the Victorian tradition of forget-me-not jewelry. The Segment and Arlequin models feature pearls that have been sectioned, or partly covered in a gold shell and set with diamonds.
Georgacopoulos, who initially studied sculpture, said she started working with pearls while completing a master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London.
“Ten years later, I

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