January 25, 2021

Common Trde Hopes to Invigorate the Showroom Experience

Laura Baker and James Waller are introducing a new showroom concept.
Baker, who co-owns the Pblc Trde showroom, and Waller, who cofounded the British streetwear brand Blood Brother, have partnered up to launch Common Trde, a showroom space that will be open during men’s market in Paris from June 22 to June 29 at 18 Rue Commines.
During previous seasons, Baker previewed her brands in either trade shows or rented out space in other showrooms, but with help from Waller, who has used his European network to bring in new brands, they are presenting more of a lifestyle space where brands of various sizes are able to maintain their own identity — each client had a hand in putting the space together — and use shared resources.
“In the past, we did not feel the brand’s individual identity was upheld,” Baker said. “It always seemed only to be about the trade show or that showroom. There didn’t seem to be any shared communication or practices.”
Baker and Waller are hoping to make the process more seamless for buyers and brands. They’ve created a show guide so buyers can preview the brands and speak to their sales managers before coming to the showroom. And instead

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