January 26, 2021

Experts Answer: Is It Okay for Ivanka Trump to Wear Her Own Brand as a Special Assistant to the President?

Ivanka Trump has built a lifestyle empire that is largely associated with her own image.
As a mother-of-three, she has been the brand’s most visible promoter, and her image aligns with its aspirational narrative. But she is a political power player now with an influential role as special assistant to the President of the United States — her father, Donald Trump.
Ivanka Trump leads a meeting with President Donald Trump and congressional leaders while wearingthe Montmartre diamond drop “Y” necklace from her fine jewelry line, which retails for $2,720.
Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry collection’s diamond drop “Y” necklace, which retails for $2,720.
It’s evident that Brand Ivanka’s world-stage marketing cache is incalculable — and its alignment with globally-watched affairs, catapulted by the power of the White House, is a boost to any label.
When she joined President Donald Trump at a workforce development roundtable in Wisconsin on June 13, she accessorized her outfit with her namesake leather Greenwich Dove handbag ($224.53 on Amazon.com).
Ivanka Trump accessorized her outfit on June 13 with an Ivanka Trump-brand purse, alongside President Donald Trump, while crossing the White House lawn on her way to travel to a roundtable discussion in Wisconsin.
Ivanka Trump carries her namesake purse while on a tour (June

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