May 13, 2021

Homing Insta: why fashion influencers are moving into interiors

From rugs and tiles to Pollock-style spattered crockery – the rise of bathroom selfies and photographs taken with bedrooms as backdrops means that fashion bloggers are sparking home decor trends

The story of one of this year’s most remarked-upon interiors trends started on Instagram. When fashion stylist and influencer Erica Davies started featuring snaps of herself – in leather biker jackets or high-waisted white denim skirts – taken in her bedroom, with a brown and cream Scandi-style rug underfoot, the heart-eyed emojis came thick and fast from her 51,000 followers. Soon enough, the La Redoute rug had its own Instagram account, which more than 2,000 fellow human beings have seen fit to follow. The item has since sold out and been restocked many times over, and has been nicknamed “the Erica”. Fashion influencers, who take snaps out and about, but also at home, are fast becoming home decor influencers, too.

Meanwhile, fashion blogger Lucy Williams shares pictures of herself on Instagram, wearing a Mango outfit in her kitchen, and many of the comments are complimenting the dress, the shoes. But many are also complimenting her kitchen – the tiles, the cabinet handles. Clothes appear in the same frame as crockery, mirror selfies show outfits of the day (#OOTD) with bedrooms as backgrounds – it’s about the wallpaper as well as the wardrobe, the floor as well as the frock.

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