January 23, 2021

Brock Collection Resort 2018

To all the hopelessly romantic women who daydream of dressing like a Renaissance maiden in a period piece yet know how that would look (ridiculous), there’s hope for you in Brock Collection. Laura Vassar and Kristopher Brock have found a way to bring the fairy tale ethos into modern-day without resorting to costume drama. Their antique floral-driven resort collection was a great example of this.
“We wanted the concept of floral on floral without being overwhelmed by a bunch of different florals,” said Brock, noting that they used a similar floral motif in different colors, scales and bases throughout the collection, which also pushed corset dressing in a versatile, unrestrictive way. Pretty and elegant, the whole lineup had a rustic, faded dreaminess to it, as Vassar and Brock worked in tulle, silk, taffeta and soft burlap.
A burlap off-the-shoulder corset top was layered over a tea-stained tulle floral print turtleneck and matching long pleated skirt. A sturdier tea-length silk dress with a corset bodice was trimmed in sculptural ruffles, one or two of them lined with horsehair to accentuate the female form. A lightweight sundresses with smocking details was sweet and naive. Two burlap corset dresses — one ivory, one flax-colored —

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