January 19, 2021

Shoe of the Day at London Fashion Week Men’s: Christopher Raeburn’s All-Weather Sneakers

Known for his utilitarian aesthetic and affinity for camouflage prints, London-based designer Christopher Raeburn has always been drawn to stories of adventures and exploring.
For spring ’18, he revisited “The Long Walk,” a book he had read as a kid that narrates the story of the late Polish army lieutenant Slavomir Rawicz of escaping a labor camp in Siberia in 1941, and walking through the Gobi Desert, Tibet and the Himalayas to India.
Christoper Raeburn spring ’18
Inspired by his childhood tale, Raeburn set out to create all-weather garments and shoes that were light and could withstand “desert, wind and sun.” On the footwear front, the offer was naturally sneaker-heavy, with some of the standouts including high-top leather sneakers featuring oversized straps and chunky gripped soles in a neutral palette of gray, black and khaki. Some of the pairs featured backless straps. Another highlight included pairs of ankle-length shoes made of stretchy fabrics that fit the foot like a glove and maximized movement and flexibility.
Christoper Raeburn spring ’18
They were worn with tracksuits, layered over billowing mackintoshes and loosely tailored coats, as well as edgy tops made of see-through tulle netting. Even though not necessarily desert-worthy, the sneakers are sure to sit well with all the

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