November 28, 2020

T-Pain Sent This Teen A Stolen Quote For His Yearbook — And The School Ran It

One high school senior is ending his school year on a note that only T-Pain could hit, thanks to a memorable yearbook quote.

When Gabriel Silvan, a 17-year-old student at Kentwood High School in Covington, Washington, tweeted T-Pain last year for inspiration for his senior yearbook quote, he didn’t think the hip-hop artist would actually respond.

One day after tweeting his request ― “give me a senior quote please:)” ― T-Pain obliged.

Silvan, surprised that T-Pain took the time to answer, sent the singer an excited shoutout ― “YOOOOOO TPAIN!!!!” ― then submitted the suggestion to his yearbook staff.

Six months later, Kentwood High School’s yearbooks came out.

“I’ve been a fan of T-Pain since I got my first MP3 player in 2007,” Silvan told HuffPost. “I never thought he would [respond] but when did I was ecstatic.”

@TPAIN give me a senior quote please:)

— gabriel⚘ (@GxbrielSilvxn) December 15, 2016

“people don’t think it be like it be, but it do.”

— T-Pain (@TPAIN) December 16, 2016


— gabriel⚘ (@GxbrielSilvxn) December 16, 2016

While T-Pain’s suggested quote sounds like something he would croon in Auto-Tune, it’s not actually an original quote. Those words of wisdom were made famous by 1970s Major League Baseball star Oscar Gamble.

The quote was in reference to the “chaos within the New York Yankees clubhouse,” according to the book “Baseball in Montgomery” by Clarence Watkins.

Without context, many people were confused about what T-Pain’s message meant.

“It” do what?

Think or concur that “it” be?

Is think doing?

What is something that be’s?

Is “it” then a being?

Does “it” get a name?

— j (@visionstreaming) June 9, 2017

Nevertheless, Silvan submitted T-Pain’s quote to the school’s yearbook staff.

This week, it made it to press.

Silvan tweeted T-Pain a picture of the finished product to let the singer know that he is immortalized in the 2016-17 edition of Kentwood High’s yearbook.

It’s been done @TPAIN

— gabriel⚘ (@GxbrielSilvxn) June 6, 2017

In response, T-Pain honored Silvan with a laugh-cry emoji and a slow clap.

“This is the kind of shit I live for,” the singer tweeted to the 17-year-old. He also congratulated him for the major accomplishment ― the tweet, not the whole graduating high school thing.

Man. This. This is the kind of shit I live for you did it bro. Killed it. Good job man …………… …………… .slow clap*

— T-Pain (@TPAIN) June 6, 2017

Still high off of the energy from T-Pain’s reaction, Silvan shared the precious moment on his secondary Twitter account and it quickly went viral.

He called his yearbook quote a product of “a series of very very very very fortunate events.”


— gabriel (@DRYRAlN) June 6, 2017

While many people thought the T-Pain yearbook quote was great, a lot of Twitter users pointed out that T-Pain ripped off Gamble’s quote.

“Give Oscar Gamble the respect he deserves,” one person wrote to Silvan. Another person defended T-Pain by saying that the singer should “sang it, so he can make it clear.”

Silvan doesn’t mind if T-Pain borrowed the quote from the former ballplayer. He’s just grateful that his favorite hip-hop star reached out to him.

“I don’t care [because] it’s a little unique and [T-Pain] gave it to me over Twitter,” he told HuffPost.

Now Silvan is learning to deal with his 15 minutes of viral fame before he graduates next week.

“It’s wild to go viral. I’m all over Instagram and stuff, but I’m trying to be humble,” he said. “But with all the fame and graduation so close, it’s hard not to show off.”

So far, his plan to stay humble seems to be working ― a little.

Let’s just take the time to realize that me, Gabriel, am really out here

— gabriel⚘ (@GxbrielSilvxn) June 8, 2017

I went viral literally a week before I graduate, I have done it. I’ve peaked

— gabriel⚘ (@GxbrielSilvxn) June 7, 2017

I got a 50k tweet, hella other big tweets, hella followers, and I’m all over Instagram now too. And tpain.

— gabriel⚘ (@GxbrielSilvxn) June 8, 2017

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